Thursday, 12 September 2013

History of Animation-Earliest Devices and People

History, 1800s-early 1900

Questions for comment response below:
  1. How did DaVinci influence the art of film and animation?
  2. Did DaVinci ever see his inventions developed in his age?
  3. What is persistence of vision, why is it important to animators?
  4. What significance do the Lumiere Bros have to the history of film?
  5. There were artists and engineers or inventors who advanced the development of film over centuries. To this day the combination of artists and engineers continues to foster great innovation. What skills/value does each bring to a project?


  1. 1) DaVinci created the idea of making Art and Painting a real moving thing
    2) No, DaVinci died before his ideas could become a reality in the 1700s
    3) It is the brain thinking that an object is moving when it is really staying still. This helps animators manipulate objects that don't move no exist to make them into moving, living things
    4) The Lumiere Bros. created a device that records AND plays back footage shot
    5) Each one throughout time improved a little something of the last one until one person could create the technology that we have today

  2. 1. Da Vinci influenced the art of film and animation by coming up with various types of inventions such as the image projector
    2. No. The actual products of his imagination were not actually created until centuries later
    3. It is the remembering of a scene even after it has disappeared. It is important because it creates an illusion of movement or animation while a person is watching a film.
    4.They developed a device that worked as both a recording and projecting device. They created a cinematograph.
    5. An engineer works with the technology that allows a film to be recorded and projected by creating devices such cameras and projectors. Artists create the subject or theme of the project by illustrating characters or ideas to be incorporated in the film.

  3. 1. DaVinci had unique and creative envisioning of his inventions. The one factor that separated him from other inventors is that he didn't let the current norms of society constrain him. He delved deep into his imagination to produce creations that were unthinkable at the time.
    2. None of them were developed, however; throughout the course of history, his ideas were used as the basis and foundation of many future inventions.
    3. It is important to keep creative drive.
    4. The Lumiere Brothers were the earliest filmmakers in history. They were quintessential in the animation industry because they maintained an innovative drive and set the foundation for future animators.
    5. The engineers help with the technical aspects of innovation. The artists are the ones that give it a touch of uniqueness that separates it from other works. It is essential to have both in a project.

  4. 1. DaVinci influenced with his art work.
    2. No, he could not see developed inventions because he died before that.
    3. people want to see moving objects and look like real.
    4. Lumiere Bros created thing to record and play.
    5. engineers make thing with technology to make animation or art work better and artists give idea and produce art work.

  5. 1. DaVinci created the camera obscura and the magic lantern.
    2. His inventions were not developed in his time.
    3. The persistence of vision is the challenge to piece pictures together to form films. It is the basis behind animation: a way to express ideas through moving pictures.
    4. They made what is considered the first film. The film was about a train pulling into the station. They created a cinematographe was could record and project things.
    5. Different methods show how one thing can be accomplished several different ways. It encourages people to think out of the box. It leads to improvements on creating film because people can build off the work developed from previous years.

  6. 1.) He invented the camera obscura and the magic lantern that started the movement of the motion picture
    3.)Persistence of vision is the perseverance to create artistic ideas, and it is important because it requires the animator to think outside of the box.
    4.)They helped with the creation and production of the beginning of cinematography
    5.)The inventors come up with the idea and what it would do, and how it would function. The artists develop the structure and layout of the idea and represent it visually. The engineers help to create the projects and the mechanics of it.

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  8. 1. Da Vinci influenced art and film with his magic lantern. It would project objects that would moving on a surface but the objects were not really there.
    2. Da Vinci did not see most of his inventions developed in his age, including the ones involving the film industry.
    3. The persistence of vision is the place in which the viewer can perceive motion in objects that change position. This is important to animators because they can create motion when there is no motion at all.
    4. The Lumiere Brothers created the cinematographe. It recorded and showed the first footage ever in the history of mankind.
    5. The engineers bring the technical side of the film world by making the hardware and design of the machines that shoot and play the film. The artists design usually what those machines are shooting and how it plays through. They both need one another to create a brilliant film and the film industry in general.

  9. 1. DaVinci created several types of inventions that contributed to the idea of animation.
    2. No, they were not created until centuries after his creations.
    3. It gives people the illusion that the object is moving when it actually is the changing of pictures at a certain rate.
    4. Lumiere Brothers created a device that could record and project at the same time, which is called a cinematograph.
    5. The engineers allowed the filmed to created while the artists created the artwork of the film itself.

  10. 1. DaVinci studied human analogy and movement. His drawings were groundbreaking because they were really realistic.
    2. No.
    3. You have many small pictures and you have to create a big picture. That is what persistence of vision is and it is important for animators to have so they can create realistic movement.
    4. They were the first to create a device that played movies to a big audience.
    5. Someone does something and then someone does the same but in a better way. That is why technology is what it is today. All you need is a good idea and then you have to improve it and make it work.

  11. 1) DaVinci notes influenced the creation of a away to project images on a flat surface
    2) No
    3) The persistence of vision, when an image is displayed in front of the eyes one after another quickly, it appears as the image is moving
    4) The Lumiere bros created films that were cheaper and used a camera that doubles as a filing and a projecting device
    5) Advances in new technology allows films to be able to work with the artistic skills of an animator. Engineers help create more and more realistic codes for animators. Already to this day, some animations can look so real.