Friday, 13 September 2013

Robot Models in Blender

BlenderArt-Robot Tut
Blender Art has a good tutorial, although it requires patience. New concepts:
  1. Mirroring
  2. UV Sphere Mesh Object
  3. Much use of the Front/Side Orthagonal Views
  4. Use of Background Image
  5. Select multiple vertices at the same time (c)
  6. Select multiple vertices at the same time, box select (b)
  7. Mesh-Modifiers-Subdivisions (and Mirror)
  8. Convert tri to quad (polygons-what to do if you end up with a tri, triangles can do bad things in the rendering of the model)
  9. Welding vertices (extrude, right click, alt M, 'at center')
Things to watch for: Count of original rings in the uv sphere, use 48 rather than 24. When you cut the section for the ear by deleting vertices, make sure you are cutting an oval or round opening.

This is an excellent tutorial, artist/modeler seldom makes a mistake, the pacing is very good, easy to follow with nice results. Does a really nice job with shading and colorizing the robot. Excellent job of adding lamps and lighting.

New Concepts:
  1. P-Separate selection while in edit mode on single object
  2. Mirror Modifier
  3. Modifier-Edge Split
  4. Select "Ring"
This movie is well worth watching as it demonstrates setting up a rigging with parent objects from the armature menu. 

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