Thursday, 29 August 2013

Minecraft Project

Minecraft Project -Model it. Unwrap it. Export Unwrapped Pattern. Photoshop Design Texture. Texture Map.

  1. Download the attached char.png file. This is the basic minecraft skin.
  2. Model a simple minecraft character as demonstrated in the youtube link below.
  3. After you model the character, you will 'unwrap' your image, this spreads it out like a pattern.
  4. This unwrapped pattern can be imported into Photoshop. 
  5. In Photoshop you may decorate the character to your liking following the pattern, you can even place your face in the pattern.
  6. Save Png
  7. Follow this tutorial to make a minecraft character with the new skin

Unwrapped Model

Partial Texture Map, My face!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Different Kinds of Animation

Cel Animation (Frame by frame):
As this movie demonstrates, cel animation (2D) begins with drawings of the characters and backgrounds. It is the drawing skill of the artists and producers that emulate the look of depth in the scene. This process uses drawings, cameras to capture cels or sheets of drawings, and an ink and paint process for colorization. 

To create 2D animation using a computer many artists use Adobe Flash which is a 2D animation tool that also allows artist input either frame by frame or with computer 'tweening'. This page shows excellent examples of 2D animation using Flash. Click here

3D incorporates a workflow that goes like this:

Concept Sketches - Storyboards - Model - Shading/Lighting/Texture - Rigging - Animation - Rendering - Programming.

Familiarize yourself with the Blender education webpage (and the Blender site). 
Complete exercises 2-6 on this Blender tutorial page

    Tuesday, 20 August 2013

    What is a designer?

    Watch Paula Scher's Ted Talk Here
    Watch Linux Collaboration Summit here
    Watch Trends in UI/UX Design here 
    Watch Aaron Koblin, Sr. Creative Dir, Google here

    In small groups, discuss the following questions. Be prepared to share your answers with the class:

    1. What is the role of a designer in these different industry sectors (media content, mobile user interface, product design)?

    2. How does a designer begin to design something?

    3. What is a prototype in design?

    4. What is user experience?