Principles of Animation Project:

The descriptions below are examples of project categories that would fall within the range of excellent.

It is evident that the student has given the assignment thought in terms of the best way to demonstrate their knowledge of stretch and squash and anticipation. The student has developed a concept that demonstrates these concepts in a creative or innovative way. For example, although a ball is a perfectly acceptable object to animate for this project, placing a ball on a court and having the ball react to some adversity would result in a richer concept than just an animation exercise. The excellent rating in this category means that the student is demonstrating their knowledge and also putting it in the context of something entertaining.

Conceptual Understanding of the Principle:
The student can articulate in words what they are trying to achieve. They understand perfectly when the squash happens and how the squash happens. They understand when and how the stretch happens. They can articulate what is on either side of the squash or stretch. They can articulate verbally what anticipation is and describe how they are going to use it.

The student uses a storyboard to explain how they are intending to demonstrate the principle.

The student implements the principles according to the rules laid forth in class specifically regarding stretch and squash and anticipation.

The student has completed and uploaded a final rendered animation, well lit, materials applied, appropriate camera angle  and lighting to see the principles. The final project is a movie file uploaded to the google drive.

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