Saturday, 4 January 2014

Week of Jan 6th

Welcome back!

Assignment Due Friday: 5 pg script written with raw scripts in script format

It's time to start writing your script for your pilot webisode (episode). I would suggest you target your webisode for a length of 5 minutes.  In script format that would be 5 pages. This week you will establish accounts and write a 5 min script.

Upon completion, you will swap scripts with each other for review/comments.

Once you have a completed final script, you will begin development of your animatic next week (Jan 13th).

The focus of your animatic is:

  • Solid audio file with audio representing narrative, music, sound effects, foley. Atlhough audio can continue to be refined, an animatic benefits most from a solid script and audio to use for timing and guiding the production of keyframes
  • Drawings/rendering of enough frames so that the story can be clearly understood.  An animatic features the keyframes of each scene and camera angle changes within scenes. An animatic can show through pans and zooms intended camera movement. These keyframes should be aligned with audio.
  • The purpose of the animatic is to see how the story comes together with audio and video and to make adjustments as needed, until the flow of audio and video (Animation) seems perfect.
  • An animatic can provide the animator/director with a guideline as to how to produce the final animation, how the scene breakdown occurs, what the camera angles are in each scene, and allows for pencil tests to be created to refine certain character actions/emotions. Pencil tests then also inform final animation.

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